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Practice Protocols – Post Adoption

The Center’s National Post Adoption Summit of 2011 provided an opportunity to discuss the core issues that mark the unique experiences of adoptive families. The Summit re-emphasized the need for an array of adoption support and preservation services that support and preserve the family unit and maximize the child’s potential and  integration into the family. Those services should be family centered, should recognize underlying adoption issues which may affect the child and family, should build on the family’s strengths and should empower parents to make decisions about the best interest of  their child and family (NRCA 2012).

During the Summit, the results of the NRCA’s Post-adoption Survey (2012), presented the most current look at State efforts to meet the service needs of families across the nation. The survey was adapted from the Sustaining Adoptive Families: A Qualitative Study of Public Post-Adoption Services, 2002.

Highlights from the 2012 Post-adoption Survey

State agencies were asked to report on the funding streams for services and the accessibility of services to families in the following areas: information and referral; education programs or materials; support programs (groups, mentors, buddy families); therapeutic interventions; advocacy; respite; residential treatment; and medication and/or search services.

To read this entire article, please visit: http://www.nrcadoption.org/pdfs/roundtable/PracticeProtocols-PostAdoption.pdf

Article Source: National Resource Center for Adoption
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